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Main Street ELC is a Dunedin community preschool.  We promote a safe, nurturing, educational environment. We reinforce family values, emphasize personal responsibility and provide an exceptional learning experience for your child.

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Main Street Dunedin, Early Learning Center, VPK & Preschool

Preschool (2, 3 & 4 years old)

Our early learning curriculum continues throughout the day and reinforces the concepts learned during morning circle time, small group activities and student directed exploration.



Florida VPK

 Our program prepares students for early literacy, enhances age-appropriate student progress in attaining state-adopted performance standards, while preparing them for kindergarten.


Before & After Care

Our before & after care program provides parents with peace-of-mind, know that their child is safe.  Ask about our Guaranteed Homework Program.


About Us

Each child is unique and has something special to offer our world. We strive to identify and develop these unique characteristics in a safe and nurturing educational environment.  Working together, Teachers and Parents, can provide a solid educational background that will serve our children throughout their entire lives.

All of our Lead-Teachers are certified Child Development Associates or have received their Degree in Early Childhood Education. Each of our Teachers is required to exceed the State of Florida required continuing educational requirements every year. This insures that all of our Teachers stay abreast of the most current and effective ways to implement a diverse age-appropriate curriculum in their classes

Main Street Early Learning Center serves the daycare, preschool & early educational needs of children in Clearwater, Countryside, Dunedin, Ozona, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor and surrounding communities

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Main Street Early Learning Center serves the daycare, preschool & early educational needs of children in Clearwater, Countryside, Dunedin, Ozona, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor and surrounding communities.

Family Connections

Family Connections are very important at Main Street Early Learning Center. We encourage Moms, Dads Grandparents and other family members (with your approval) to join your children on any, or all, of our many Families Connection opportunities scheduled throughout the school year.

Opportunities to join your children are not just limited to scheduled Family Connection events. Children love it when their Moms, Dads or other family members join them in their normal preschool, VPK or Before-After School Care (Guaranteed Homework Program).

Early Learning Curriculum

Our curriculum incorporates the five fundamental principles of early childhood learning into the daily preschool learning experiences of each child. 

These elements are essential to create a positive learning experience for each child, every day.


Positive Interactions w/ Adults

Throughout the learning day our teachers use routine classroom situations to reinforce positive interactions and relationships with adults. These interactions provide a critical foundation for successful learning.

Social-Emotional Competence

Opportunities for the reinforcement of a child’s social and emotional competence are incorporated in each day’s interactions with adults, other students, individual and group learning experiences.

Constructive and purposeful play

Daily activities are centered around formal learning, group play and individual play with the many learning stations required by Pinellas County Licensing Board and the APPLE Accreditation Board.

Physical Environment

Main Street’s physical classroom environment is well lighted, open, spacious, safe and secure. Children’s learning stations are well maintained and as needed, cleaned throughout the day. Our physical playground environment was designed by a certified playground safety inspector and is checked regularly to insure that safety that safety standards are maintained.


Learning Interactions and Teacher-Family Partnerships

Family Connections are considered an essential component of a child’s learning experience. Each child enjoys the attention they receive when their parents (or other family members) participate in some way with their daily learning experiences. Our Teachers schedule Family Connection Events for their classrooms at least monthly and all family members are encouraged to participate.

Do you have a Summer Camp Program?

Summer Camp at Main Street Preschool offers age appropriate, indoor and outdoor activities plus fun-filled explorations at local parks, museums and libraries. Movies, Bowling, Roller skating and Old McMickey’s Farm are also included in your child’s summer camp experiences at Main Street Preschool. In addition Friday’s are devoted to planned activities in arts/crafts, cooking projects and science discovery.


Is VPK free?

Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) is a free, state-funded program designed to prepare children for kindergarten. Children must be 4 years of age on or before Sept. 1 of the school year in which they are enrolling.  If you live in Florida, and your child turns four years of age by September 1st, your child is eligible to participate in Florida’s FREE Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK).  

Get a Certificate of Eligibility (voucher) by visiting the Early Learning Coalition website at

If you have questions call (727) 738-5437. 

Does Main Street provide scholarships?

ELC Scholarships for Main Street’s Preschool, VPK and Before-After School Care (Guaranteed Homework Program) are gladly accepted at Main Street Early Learning Center.

Follow the ELC link below to learn more about the Pinellas County Early Learning Coalition and to see if you and your child qualify for partial childcare funding for Preschool, VPK and/or Before-After School Care and our unique (Guaranteed Homework Program).

The Early Learning Coalition (ELC) of Pinellas County is a not for profit planning and funding agency focused on early care and education. The goal of the Early Learning Coalition is to prepare all children to enter kindergarten ready to succeed. Additionally,… (click here to read more)

For additional ELC information regarding preschool, VPK or Before-After School Program funding please visit Pinellas County’s Early Learning Coalition website.

How much is preschool tuition (not VPK)?

Full Time Enrollment

Preschool Two Year Old – $170.00 / Week

Preschool Three Year Old – $158.00 / Week

Preschool Four Year Old – $153.00 / Week

VPK Wrap Care – $135.00 / Week


Before-After Care – $99.00 / Week

Part Time Enrollment

Tuesday/Thursday – $88.00 / Week

Monday/Wed./Friday – $132.00 / Week



Where are you?
Main Street Early Learning Center serves the daycare, preschool & early educational needs of children in Clearwater, Countryside, Dunedin, Ozona, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor and surrounding communities from 1550 Main St, Dunedin, FL 34698, USA.


What Our Families are Saying

We’re very happy with the education our children have gotten here.  Our eldest is in 2nd grade now, and is excelling.  We attribute her great start to Main Street.

The staff is so caring and the school is so clean.  Our son love it here.

We switched to Main Street because the previous school we were at was overcrowded and we didn’t feel that Noah was getting enough attention.  We saw improvements in his behavior almost immediately.  We’re very satisfied.